Thursday, January 01, 2004

Don't Read This Blog Entry (or "One time, at Band Camp...")

Don't read this. I really don't want you to know it. This one guy I know (and you can trust him: he's a trusted friend of a trusted friend. And you trust me, right?), anyway... this one guy I know told me an fantastical and imaginative story. I'm not that gullible, but I wonder how many of you will go repeat it to your friends, just because you "heard it from somebody". As if real torture wasn't bad enough...

Without the particulars, the above represents Neal's story in Today's* Nuze page about Saddam's special imaginary form of torture. Neal probably doesn't believe it. But he doesn't have enough respect for his audience to expect them to see it as a ridiculous invention. And the whole reason for telling it is to set up this statement: this is the man that Howard Dean wishes was still in power in Iraq. No ... don't give me any flack on that statement. If Dean was opposed to the action that ousted Saddam .. then that means he necessarily wishes Saddam was still in power.Let me paraphrase that. "Dean wishes Saddam was still in power. No, don't hold me accountable for that statement. I shouldn't have to defend the more moronic statements that I make. I said it. You believe it. That settles it."

Neal Boortz is on record opposing Clinton's action in Kosovo. I say this because I want to point out that the same logic applies to him. He opposed the action that ousted Milosovic and stopped the genocide. By the same logic Boortz uses to support his ridiculous contention that Howard Dean would prefer Hussein to remain in power, we must conclude that Neal Boortz would prefer it if Milosovic were still in power in the Balkans, and still committing genocide. Shame on you, Neal.